One of the means of communications for the Wimberley Lions Club. This club has about 172 members. The Wimberley Lions Club generates annual donations budget between $118,000 and $170,000 through its Market Days the first Saturday of the month, March - December. In addition to this blog please go to and These community oriented Websites provide essential information for the Lions Market Days and the latest club news.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a Celebration for $3 Million of Donations

On Tuesday night, November 17th, the Wimberley Lions Club held a celebration to honor the club's accomplishment of earning and donating $3 million.  It was quiet a celebration.  Several hundred people were present with many faces that we don't see everyday.  In one corner was a giant multiple flavored sheet cake with a large Lion logo.  It was surrounded by huge delicious cookies.  Lion Meta Crow was wielding a sword like knife dividing the cake into servable sized pieces.  Across the room was Beth Watson insuring a plentiful buffet.  Leos snaked through the crowd with  trays of tasty morsels.

The crowd visited with each other while visiting informational tables staffed by some organizations that both volunteer at Market Days and receive donations from the Lions.  Lion Frances Jones had a display with hundreds of pictures of new lions and those being recognized that she has taken over the years.  Tables were displaying flags and momentous brought back by exchange students.  A table contained proclamations from many dignitaries for the accomplishment of the Wimberley Lions Club.  These declarations were from Vice President Biden, Senator Hutchinson, Senator Cronin, Congressman Doggett, State Representative Rose, County Judge Sumter, and Mayor Haley.

It was good to see past Lions that we had not seen for a while like PDG Bob & Maybell Lorenc.

Our Lion Boss, Lane Hartsock, Called the group to order to start the meeting with an invocation led appropriately by Past District Governor Dave Slider; pledge to the flag by Lion Larry Williams.  Lion Jim McMeans led us in a great Song.

Lion Treasurer Scott Brown reported the historic record results of this market Day.  It was the best ever.  All records were broken.

1st VP Beverly Nesmith passed out donations to some organizations like Habitat for Humanities, WHS Texas Cheer, Community band, ARF, and HOPE.

Lion Boss Introduced Past President Don Campbell as the celebration emcee.
Recognition of VIP guests County Judge Liz Sumter, Sheriff Tommy Ratliff, Wimberley Mayor Tom Haley, and JP Andy Cable.

Presentation of Hays County Judge Sumter presented a Commissioner's court Proclamation of Wimberley Lions Club Day.

Wimberley Mayor Tom Haley read a proclamation by the Wimberley City Council for the Wimberley Lions Club.

First Vice District Governor Mike Smith spoke a few words of congratulations and how the Wimberley Lions Club is respected in the district and Lions International.

Lion Don Campbell acknowledge how Market Days could not be possible without the community volunteers.  He also acknowledge the Leos present that served food for the crowd.  

Past President Lee Gibson held drawing for the door prizes'.
Don Campbell acknowledge current board members and the fine work of the celebration committee Lee Gibson, Scott Brown, Nathan Dean, Frances Jones, Lane Hartsock, Frank Curtis, Meta Wilson, Madonna Kimball, Bill Noles, Linnea Bailey, Beverly Nesmith, Annette Harrington.

Lion Nathan Deans prepared a multi-media history of the Wimberley Lions Club and its intertwined history of Market Days.  The video was presented to a receptive audience,  Special kudos to Nathan.  Lion John Devenport, Charter Member of the club and star of the video was introduced to the audience.

Special pins were designed to commemorate the occasion and were presented to the Lions present based on the years they had been a Lion.

Commemorative ballpoint pens were then pass out to the crowd.

Don announced the next meeting would be the Christmas party on December 15 and adjourned the celebration.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lions reach the $ 3 milion donation mark and are looking higher!

Forty years ago, a group of Wimberley community leaders chartered our Lions Club to serve the community and support the worthy causes of Lions International.  They were asked to take over the community market day operation which was outgrowing the capacity of the Wimberley square.  Individual Lions signed personal bank notes of $3,000 each to buy a patch of land that became the initial plat of Lions Field.  The first market day at the new field included the normal art, crafts, and produce.  It also included the sell of new cars and livestock from rabbits to horses.  

All of the profits from Market Day from the beginning have gone to donations and that total has reached 3 $million.  This is from just a just a few dollars in the beginning.  The nineteen eighties saw profits and donations average about $25,000 per year.  The last decade has seen donations in excess of $100,000 each year.  This money is donated to Lion programs such as blindness prevention, hurricane and tsunami relief, Texas Lions Camp for crippled and diabetic children, special EMS equipment, classroom technology, Katherine Ann Porter school equipment, soccer equipment, athletic field lights, and band instruments.  Major expenditures have been for the Nature Trail on Cypress Creek, Visitors Center, Wimberley Playors Playhouse,  the Community Center and restoration of the Winters House.  Each year Wimberley Lions give to Habitat for Humanity.  The fourth house they built was underwritten by Lions to the amount of 87% of the cost.

Two programs are pretty unique to Wimberley.  Our scholarships are mostly four year scholarships and 160 students have benefited from them.  The foreign exchange program has sent 80 students to foreign countries for several weeks living with a host family and about three weeks in a Lion camp with 30 kids from other countries.  These are life changing experiences.  

The Lions earn revenue at the Market Days by parking fees, booth rentals, concession stand sales, and premium Bar-B-Que.  The staffing requirements for Market Days exceeds 200 people.  The Lions club can not marshal that size staff.  A combination of volunteers, LEOS,  and members of organizations that often receive donations from the Lions Club make up the difference.  We could not do without the volunteers.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 a celebration will occur at the Wimberley Community Center, 14068 Ranch Road 12 from 6:00 pm to 7:30pm.  All Lions, Ex Lions, donation recipients, and anyone with an interest are welcome.  All sorts of activity is planned along with refreshments.

Come join us for this celebration!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Collecting the history of the Wimberley Lions

Lion Frances Jones has done double duty for many years!  She has been responsible for club publicity and chair of the History Committee.  Frances takes the official photos of new members, speakers, honored students & teachers, and any one being honored with an award.  She gets those photos into the newspapers along with a caption with accurate name identification and with many event write-ups.  She works with the newspapers to provide excellent coverage of the club.

Lion Frances has put out a call for other photos and memorabilia in order to adequately document the history of the Wimberley Lions Club.  This collection from meetings, picnics, Texas Lions Camp, and Market Days.  Lions John Lyon, Cecil Gibson, and Dan Williams are scanning newspaper articles to include in the November 17th celebration on reaching the $3 million mark in donations.  Anyone with items to be included, please send to Lion Frances.

After this collection is completed, a copy of the scanned items will be provided to the Wimberley Institute of Culture Archive Collection.  This will be of value because many civic and community leaders are either Lion members or speakers at Lion meetings. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Loss of Lion Don Tatum

Shocking news was sent out today. Don Tatum has passed away. Don was a great Lion! He joined our club in 1997 sponsored by Leon Hewlett. You could count on Don to work Market Days, the cleanup the Saturday before Market Day.

Don was active in the Mobile Health Screening Unit. He was a willing volunteer who always had something nice to say to co-workers and clients.

Don just completed two years as a Director on the Lion Board providing his sage advice to the club.

Don's wife, Sally, has suggested any memorials be to the Texas Lions Camp. Their address is P. O. Box 290247, Kerrville, TX 78029-0247. You can contribute directly by this link:

Anyone wanting to add their comment to this are encouraged to do so. Just click on the blue or pink "comments" below.

Breifing on Texas Lions Camp

Our old friends PDG Dennis Heitkamp, Ex Wimberleyite PDG Bill Daniels, and District Director Skip Stem visited our club this last Tuesday. Dennis brought us up to date on the history and activities of Texas Lions Camp.

He told about how sixty years ago the camp was created as the polio pandemic was at its peak. How there is no charge for the campers. How it is supported through all of the Texas Lions Clubs, memorials, Century Club Members. The fortune of the crippled children population shrinking has allowed the inclusion of Type I diabetic children as its population expands. He told us of efforts the camp has taken to seek alternative funding to keep the camp viable.

One bit of good news for the Wimberley Lions was that this year the April workday will be the second Saturday meaning we will not have a conflict with Market Day. That is a day of hard work, fun, comradary. I just hope not in a bunk between Lee Coble and Joe Thompson doing their snoring duet again!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Canyon Lake North Shore has Charter Night

Wimberley Lion Boss Lane Hartsock and Lion John Lyon presented the U. S Flag, Club Banner, and gong to the Canyon Lake North Shore Club President Linda Johnson on their Charter Night. The Dripping Springs Club contributed toward these purchases with the Wimberley Club.

PDG Dave Slider, as Master of Ceremonies, kept the program moving at a quick pace while dishing out merriment! The DG, IPDG, 1stVDG and 2ndVDG all participated. Lion Cameron Bradfute of New Braunfels Noon Club had us all laughing as he pulled a half dozen Lions into bringing his candy store vision to life. Sheriff Lion Bob Holder provided the County government's welcome to the new club. He said he would be keeping a special eye on Lion Milford. International Director Beverly Stebbins was the keynote speaker. While she kept the mood lighthearted, she was able to deliver her powerful message on Lionism and service to her audience. Lions Linnea Bailey and Dan Williams completed the Wimberley contingent. It was a good night and a great start for a new club in 2-S3.

To see more pictures of this event please go to this link:

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Wimberley Lions take action to prevent fires!

The Austin Flea Market fire has caused a some people to ask how safe is Lions Field? I believe the Wimberley Lions have been aggressive in fire prevention.
  • Fire Extinguishers are required to be displayed by all vendors and physical inspections are regularly performed to be sure they are present and not outdated.
  • Hay bales, straw, and loose newspaper are not allowed in booths.
  • Wood shaving can not be spread on the ground.
  • A/C and heaters are prohibited in the booths.
  • Electrical wiring is inspected requiring the vendor to repair bad wiring.
  • GFI circuit breakers have been installed to shut off electricity in the event of a short circuit.
The Wimberley Lions Club has property insurance on the Bar-B-Que, rest rooms, and concessions. The vendors are encouraged to obtain their own insurance for their structure and contents.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Market Day Preparation Saturday clean-up

Some lions work all month either fixing what broke from the last Market Day to adding new features for the next Market Day. But the Saturday before Market Day they have some help from the club members.

A few minutes before 8:00 on each Saturday before Market Day, Wimberley Lions begin to walk into Concession Number One next to the flag poles. They get a friendly greeting from Jack Bourke and the rest of the Lions gathered. Fresh Hot Coffee, canned drinks, and a variety of doughnuts await. Cub Scouts with their parents also mingle around the refreshments awaiting their assignments.

The assignments are typically to pick up trash on Lion Field or one of the parking lots. Others sweep up the accumulated leaves around the pavilion. What I enjoy is talking to a Lion that I have been paired with that I don't know well. We get to know each other as we work.

By 9:00 we have finnished our task and are on our way to what ever activities we have for the day, knowing we have helped get the field ready for market.

So the Saturday before Market Day, come join us for a quick cleanup and have some fun!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Annual Trek to Kerrville

Once a year the Wimberley Lions make a trip to Kerrville to the Texas Lions Camp for crippled children. The Lions prepare and serve an outdoor meal for the campers and staff of the camp. This meal is usually Hamburgers or Bar-B-Que with all of the trimmings.

About 400 campers and staff show up. The Wimberley Lions Club has a good reputation among the camp staff assuring a high turnout.

The camp host two types of campers: traditionally the camp provided for physically challenged children. It also has sessions for children with diabetes. These children learn how to test themselves for their blood chemistry and how to handle out of range conditions. Due to the special needs of the campers, there is a high ratio of staff to campers with emphasis on the medical side. These kids get to experience all facets of camping from horseback riding to cannoeing to overnight camping. Often a wheelchair bound camper has their first experience of swimming and horseback riding at this camp. The pool is designed where a wheelchair or crutches can be used to wheel or walk into the pool without the trauma of jumping into the pool.

Graduation/Awards Night is on Friday and each camper is recognized for their achievements. You can not set through this ceremony without both crying and having a feeling of pride in Lionism.

On Sunday, June 28, the Wimberley Lions Club members will be loaded up with food and supplies by 1:00 PM. The plan is to be cooking by 3. The campers will start lining up with their group about 6. You might see a child with no legs in a wheelchair being pushed by one that is blind. Both singing or chanting a drill chant their counselor is teaching them. All are having a good time. They will eat in the pavilion. The staff is always friendly and help with hauling away the trash. The Lions and spouses who participate in this worthy cause will be hot and tired. But they will have a great feeling of accomplishment.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Academic Challenge

Each year the Wimberley Lions Club sponsors the Middle School Academic Challenge.  It is fun for both the Lions who help and the students who participate.  I always come away with an appreciation for both our teachers and students on how much knowledge is being absorbed by the students.  The students really like the cash they earn.  

Before the day of the Academic Challenge, the teachers had held a preliminary contest to reduce the competitors to 6 to 9 teams per class.  These top students form teams of 3.  The teams are seated in a group in the middle of the gym.   The rest of their class set in the gym bleacher to observe and cheer their favorites.

Each member answers four questions: one math, one english, one science, and one history/social studies.  After each question, ten seconds are allowed for the student to mark their answer.  The correct response is announced and the Lion marks the correct responses and flips the score card display so the audience can follow.  The team roatates to the next member after set of questions.  This rotation continues until each team member has answered 12 questions.  The teams or ordinally ranked.  Tie breaker questions are used to break any ties.

The team of three that comes in first each win $100.  The second place team each wins $50.  Each member of the third place team win $30.  This occurs for both the seventh and eight grades.

The two who make this operation work are Cathy Carolan from the Jr High School and PDG Dave Slider getting the Lion Volunteers where they need to be.  Thanks to both of you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Braunfels gains Parish Lions

Seba and Norm Parish are moving to New Braunfels as they change to a different lifestyle.

Norm Parish joined the Wimberley Lions seventeen years ago.  He soon became the number one Lion recruiter.  He was chair of the Membership Committee for about five years and helped the recruiting with other Lions.  A number of those seventeen years Norm was in charge of all three parking lots for Market Days.  He made sure he had the parking lot staffed for each market day. This requires about 15 Lions and 6 volunteers with shifts from 6 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.  Besides the staffing, he set policy, assured the comfort of his workers, and collected the money from the lots.  Norm was at the field from 6 in the morning until the end of the market and the money was all counted.  Norm was recognized by the club with awarding a Melvin Jones Fellow.

Seba was a Lion wife and not a member until 2003.  That did not mean she slept in on Market Day.  She worked in Concession #2 making the best hand trimed bar-B-Que Sandwiches every market day.  It is unknown if Seba decided to join or Norm wanted to increase his membership notches.  Seba Joined.

Seba stood beside Norm, not in his shadow.  Seba worked on many committees such as Donations, she worked cleanup sessions Saturdays before Market Days, and she kept the club informed about our sick and wounded.   In addition to Lions, Seba has been a leader in the Civic Club.  She has years of creating the Hobby Lobby catalog and the annual directory.

There are many stories about King Ranch and their worldly travels.

They were very active in their church.  

This club will miss this couple as we commit to frequent visits.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

John Stark Nominated for Lion of the Year 2008/2009

John Stark has been a Lion since the year 2003.  In that time, he has exhibited an outstanding willingness to serve the club, the community and his church in many capacities.   This year he served as Chairman of the Facilities and Buildings Committee and has excelled in Project Management.  Examples of key important projects includes:  Major drainage project; remodeling of Concession 2; repair/painting of Concession 2 restrooms as well as many others. This year John managed the building project to build four new vendor’s booths and one day leasing booth. He has also developed the strategy to refurbish and sell booths that have been returned to the Lions. He has been responsible for cost and time estimates, bidding, and supervision of the work.  John always takes the initiative to manually work on these projects himself when he wants to get things done quickly. John exemplifies the lion’s motto “We Serve” by his devotion and service to the Wimberley Lions Club.

John Lyon Nominated for Lion of the Year 2008/2009

John Lyon serves the Wimberley Lion Club and District 2-S3.  Serving as club Secretary for many years, the District Governor has recognized him for his reliable, accurate and timely monthly and annual reports.  He is responsible for tracking all attendance for meetings and Market Days, taking minutes at all Board Meetings, maintaining all records on new members and reporting all related activities to LCIF.  John also prepares all articles for the District Newsletter about our club.  He has chaired the District Student Exchange Program and served as host for foreign exchange students.  As chair of the District Mobil Health Screening Committee, he has revitalized this program and made it financially feasible.  John works closely with the LEO Club and co-chairs the Leo Committee.  In addition to his concession stand duties, he fills in as a concession manager when needed.

Scott Brown Nominated for Lion of the Year 2008/2009

Scott Brown is an outstanding Lion in club activities, Market Day Operations, and Community Service.  Scott serves as Lions Field and Administrative Treasurer.  He collects all monies from Market Day operation, pays sales taxes, reconciles and deposits the proceeds and prepares all financial statements and Market Day reports.  He pays all of the bills, prepares and manages the operations and administrative budgets with diligent oversight.  He provides understandable reports so the board and membership can understand the financial conditions of Lions Field.  When this Lions Club realized a potential child protection risk, Scott created child protection guidelines and training program, which he conducted with Lions working in proximity of youth.  He reviews this policy at every new member Orientation.  Scott also serves as on the Board of the Emergency Services District those contracts for Emergency Medical Services for this area. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Behind the Scenes of Wimberley Lions Market Days

This is by a guest contributor, Stan Luczkowski, who has worked all of these behind the scene activities.

All Wimberley Lions Club members seem to like our Market Days project and enjoy working on that first Saturday for 10 months each year.

Many of those working on Market Day have a “shift” to work which consists of 3 or 4 hours at one of the concession stands or one of the parking lots, although some will stay and work an additional shift, or go on to another spot for a shift.

These positions are vital to making Market Day work and we are fortunate to have so many Lions who are available and willing to “serve”

A lot of the other work required to make Market Day happen is done in between those Saturdays and a lot of it in the few days just prior to Market Day.

Some of the this work is done by groups of volunteers, such as the regular scheduled clean up day on the Saturday before Market Day, or the periodic need for repairing or building a concession, storage area, or tree trimming. These activities are well known and usually get an adequate volunteer response from the membership.

However there is a lot of repetitive work done by individuals that has to happen on a regular schedule prior to each Market Day.

Let’s look at a list of some of these activities.


Between the Market days, the manager of each of the 5 Lions Club concessions and the BBQ facility takes inventory and put together an order which is turned in to the purchasing manager (currently Crow Wilson) to place the order for the food deliveries.

They also provide a list of any special items for their concession which needs to be picked up locally or in Austin.


The week before Market Day, the purchasing manager consolidates the lists and places the orders with the food vendors and other suppliers. This includes all food, drinks, ice, and normal serving supplies such as cups, plates, utensils, etc.


Three or four days prior to Market Day, items requested for local purchase are picked up from Sam’s Club (currently done by Jack Bourke and Larry Thomas).

The rest of the supplies start arriving at the field and are received by the purchasing managers.

- Meat deliveries for the BBQ arrive

- Sysco delivery of the majority of items arrives

- Water and soft drink deliveries arrive

- Ice delivery arrives and distributed to each concession area.

The composite deliveries are sorted out for the individual concessions - the concession managers pick up their items, along with water and soft drinks, and stock their concession.


On Friday afternoon, the BBQ volunteers put their briskets on the cooker for all night cooking.  Early (3 am) on Market Day, BBQ workers start their work of preparing beans, onions, removing briskets, loading chicken, sausage and turkey legs, etc. on the smoker.


On Thursday prior to Market Day, the Leasing Manager coordinates the email and calls from prospective day vendors.

On Friday before Market Day, the Field Treasurer prepares all the cash drawer money for distribution to the concessions.


Besides the special maintenance repairs or field additions which happen occasionally, there are many other maintenance items which are being completed on an almost daily basis by the Field Manager (sometimes alone and sometimes with assistance).

And there are the regular tasks which are done just prior to each Market Day or early on Market Day morning and are coordinated by the Field Manager:

- Main pavilion and concession 2 pavilion are cleaned

- Streets are swept or blown free of debris.

- Ropes are put up in the parking lots

- Flags are put up at the field and parking lot gates.

- Golf carts and club cars are serviced and cleaned.

- Wishing well is filled.

- Flags are raised on the field poles.

- Vendor problems are addressed – such as power problems, ants, etc.

And, some of the above items are addressed again by the Field Manager at the end of Market Day or the following Monday to put away items and wait for the next month.

In summary, it must be noted that there are a lot of other activities which are being done by our other Lion volunteers that make the Lions Club Market Days so successful. This is just a look at some of the activities happening behind the scenes at the Field which is so necessary so that when the “crowds” arrive, the Market Days usually operate very well and successfully.

Stan Luczkowski

Wimberley Lions Club

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Frank Austin, a real Community and Lion Supporter

This is the first of a series of Blogs to highlight Lions so the members can better know their fellow Lions.   When I think of Wimberley Lions, Frank Austin is one of the first that comes to mind.  His roots in Wimberley go back as far as the early 40's.  He moved his family to Wimberley from Houston in 1978.  In Wimberley business, Frank been involved in securities, business finance, mineral exploration, home building, land development, and banking.  Frank organized the first bank in Wimberley - now, the Ozona Bank.  He started Water Technology in 1988.

Frank is a real conerstone of this Lions Club.  He has been a Lion since 1991.  He has been Program Chairman; Donation committee member for 15 years where he has investigated many organizations; Long Range Planning Committee for 6 years; and Director on the Lion Board.  He has taken on special assignments:  Before Wimberley was incorporated, there was no entity to distribute information to the community.  The Lion Board saw a need to disseminate this information so it funded and the Wimberley Senior Citizen Activity Incorporated facilitated the Wimberley Valley Alliance.  Frank Chaired that organization for the Lions Club during its existence.  He was aided by the Late Lion Bob Guinn and this author.   This organization served as a center for dessiminating information community wide.  After the city was incorporated, Frank shut the organization down because it conflicted with city government.

Other sticky jobs were handed to Frank to solve:  About 4 years ago, there were some complaints about our catering service.  Frank chaired the committee that resulted in our current catering service.   He was tasked to respond to the Lion District's strong request that our club divide into two clubs.  He also set up a program to provide ranch tours for inbound foreign exchange students.  

At market Day he is currently Lion Hauling Manager.  He has also been a Concession Manager, Concession Worker, and Parking Lot Attendant.

The Wimberley Lions Club is only a part of Frank's community effort.  He chaired the Wimberley Players Theater Building Committee.

When someone is considering putting their toe into the Wimberley political water, they usually point that toe first to Frank Austin's door.  He should know what is going on in Wimberley and Hays County.  For five years he has been a member of Hays County Infrastructure Committee and Chairs the Water/Waste Water Subcommittee.   He is the Wimberley rep to the Blue Ribbon Transportation Committee and Director of the Hill Country Round Table for five years.  He is a Past Director of the Trinity Aquifer water Planning Group, past WISD School Bond Committee Member, past Chair of the WISD Long Range Strategic Planning Committee, Hays County Economic Development Committee, Wimberley Chamber of Commerce, Past Chair Wimberley Transportation Board, and Past Chair Wimberley Comprehensive Plan Review Committee.

Frank's wife Nancie is the former owner and organizer of Wimberley Lodging and La Cima Tours and Travel for 25 years.  Their children - Allison and Trey both live in Wimberley. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet the 3rd VP Candidates

There are two candidates for the position of 3rd VP in our Lion election.  Here is a chance to learn more about them.

RJ Pata

RJ Pata joined the Wimberley Lions Club in 2005, sponsored by Carson Carey.  At Market Days, he is the Day Rental Manager.  He has responisibility for the registration of day renters on the Thursday before a market day, the gate attendants, booth inventory, assignment of day rental booths, and the assignment of pro bono booths.  His crew of volunteers often includes his wife, Debby.  RJ worked with the Senior Geography Project from Texas State University.  

RJ has been on the Wimberley Lions Long Range Planning Committee.  He has also provided free surveying services to the Lions Club and Habitat for Humanities.

Linnea Bailey

Linnea Bailey also joined the Wimberley Lions Club in 2005, sponsored by Bill Meek.  At Market Days, she is the Staffing Manager.  As Staffing Manager, she assigns Lions to the field positions they are most needed.  She also coordinates with both individual volunteers and volunteer organizations to complete our staffing needs.

Linnea serves on the Wimberley Lions Donations Committee.  On this committee, she investigates donation requesting organizations to assure the validity of their request.  Her knowledge of the volunteers at market days is uniquely helpful.  Linnea has been a member of the Board of Directors as Member at Large for one year, three years a member of Youth Exchange Committee, on the Program Committee, participated in the Danforth Academic Challenge, and will be joining Bill Meek as an advisor to the Katheryn Ann Porter Leo's Club.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Traveling Lion presented to San Marcos Lions

The Lion Mike Jackson, Lion Boss, from Buda presented Traveling Lion Charles to the Wimberley Club on Tuesday. March 17.  The Wimberley Lion Boss, Frank Williams, quickly formed a committee to transfer this comitment quickly.  

PDG Dave Slider led a committee of Lions Frank Williams, President; Lane Hartsock, President Elect; John Lyon, Sectretary; and Dan Williams to present Traveling Lion Charlie to the San Marcos Lions Club on March 20.  

Lion Mike Rhoades, President of San Marcos accepted Charlie and presented each Wimberley Lion with a San Marcos Club pin.