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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

John Lyon Nominated for Lion of the Year 2008/2009

John Lyon serves the Wimberley Lion Club and District 2-S3.  Serving as club Secretary for many years, the District Governor has recognized him for his reliable, accurate and timely monthly and annual reports.  He is responsible for tracking all attendance for meetings and Market Days, taking minutes at all Board Meetings, maintaining all records on new members and reporting all related activities to LCIF.  John also prepares all articles for the District Newsletter about our club.  He has chaired the District Student Exchange Program and served as host for foreign exchange students.  As chair of the District Mobil Health Screening Committee, he has revitalized this program and made it financially feasible.  John works closely with the LEO Club and co-chairs the Leo Committee.  In addition to his concession stand duties, he fills in as a concession manager when needed.

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