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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Description of Communications Committees

The operation and actions of the Wimberley Lions organizations is by committee.  As someone coined it is committee-centric.  Most Lions that stay in the Wimberley Lions Club more than a year or two are active in at least a couple of the committees.  This is where your voice is heard, you make friends and you demonstrate your talent so you are sought for leadership positions.
I plan to describe each committee and what it performs.  The hope is to identify to you which committees you would like to participate and enhance your Lion experience.
The Wimberley Lions Club officers include three Vice Presidents that typically progress from 3rd Vice President up through President.   Each of the three club VP’s are assigned oversight of specific committees.  By the Vice President to participate in those committees they are assigned, they gain knowledge and appreciation for the complete breadth of the club’s activities.  This education provides an informed President when they are sworn in at the beginning of the Lion Year.
The 3rd Vice President is assigned committees in four areas: Communications, Health Programs, Texas Lions Camp & youth programs, and Programs for Meetings.  Lion Dan Williams coordinates the Communications Committees: Historian, Lion Information & Newsletter, Member Committee List, Public Relations, and Market Day Publicity.
HISTORIAN.  The Wimberley Lions Club has a rich and interesting history.  The creation of one of the oldest and largest outdoor markets and achieving the $3,000,000 in donations .  Frances Jones  leads this committee in capturing the pictures, documents, and multimedia that archives these events.  Work can be done to standardize the collection process and to the collection of the data to complete past data.  There is always work to collect current data and ephemeral for the collection.
INFORMATION & NEWSLETTER.  The primary focus is communication to the club members: both active and Members At Large, to Lions in District 2-S3, and secondarily to the public.  This is to keep interest in existing members to promote participation and retention.  Dan Williams leads this committee in publishing a Newsletter.  Currently a Facebook presence and blog are in use.  Other internet venues need to be evaluated.  The Newsletter is currently being distributed email and trough the District Website.  It also needs to be distributed by mail to those without access to e-mail.
MEMBER COMMITTEE LIST.  They sort out who is on what committee.  Lee Gibson heads this committee to develop the list of members for each committee each year and distribute that information to the club members.  This requires getting the members’ wishes and coordinating with the committee chair and the approval of the Board.
PUBLIC RELATIONS.  The primary focus is communications to the public with secondary focus on commuting to the members.  This is a major recruiting tool to show the community what all of the good the Lions are performing while having a lot of fun doing so.  Frances Jones leads this committee with the placement in photos and articles in publications.  Respond to District programs for publicity.
MARKET DAY PUBLICITY.  This committee lead by Madonna Kimball is part of the Market Day Management Team.  It promotes Market Days through all areas of media, prepares the Monthly Vendor Newsletter, works with web master of, administers Field Account Advertising Budget, and must coordinate all activities with Market Day General Manager.