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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lion of the Year Nomination is Special

Each year at this time, members of the club who has been honored by being awarded Lion of the Year gather.  They look over the roster and select members who they think have contributed much to club service that they should be recognized as a Lion of the Year.  This is a fairly easy task since so many Lions do so much.  The difficulty of this tasks come in bringing the number of nominations down to just a few.  The really hard job is left to the club members to select one of these well deserving Lions as the LOY recipient.  This task is so difficult because each has done so much but in different ways.  Like they say with the Academy Awards, its the nomination that counts.

Annette Harrington is a true dynamo for the Club, bringing her highly developed skills as a writer, organizer, and meeting facilitator to the many committees with which she is involved. She facilitates every meeting of the Market Day (MD) Management Committee. She planned and organized every facet of the “$3 million Celebration” Meeting last November that brought us international recognition. She chairs the MD Promotion Committee, and has been appointed to the position of MD Publicity Manager. Annette continues to serve as an Ambassador, organizes our MD Directories, writes every MD Vendor Newsletter, assists with annual booth leasing, manages the matrix for the Donation Committee, and serves as our Tail Twister. Most of all, Annette brings a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to take on the “hard stuff” with every project.

Beverly Nesmith has been a Lion since joining in 2005. This year, as First Vice President, she has shown great leadership in chairing the Donations Committee and the Nomination Committee. She also serves on the Membership, Scholarship, Special Events and Ambassador Committee and is a valuable contributor on each one. Bev is also a Concession Manager at Concession 6 with all of the related responsibilities for that position. She serves as an Ambassador where she visits 40 vendors each month. Bev has contributed her own time and talents in providing graphics and Lion banners for Market Days when they are needed. She will become our Club President in July and exemplifies the Lion’s motto “We Serve” by doing anything asked of her with absolutely no hesitation.

Billy Broyles after moving to Wimberley, delivered for “Meals on Wheels” for several year before joining the Wimberley Lions. Billy joined about 5 years ago, and started helping then Lion Freddie Jordan with the Lion Tamer duties of setting up and putting away the meeting paraphernalia. For the last two years he has been our Lion Tamer, he is the backbone of our membership meetings. He serves on the Board and also manages all three of the parking lots at Lions Field. He is responsible for staffing from pre- dawn till 4PM, collecting money, and checking on the welfare of his workers. Billy serves on the Special Events Committee and has been an Ambassador for Market Days for 2 years. Billy puts a lot of time and energy in his jobs.

Jerry Mackin has been a member since 1997. During that time he has been an active member and head manager at BBQ (serving area). As Concession Manger, Jerry has organized the running, scheduling of the serving area as well as customer service. Jerry has served on the Long Range Planning Committee, Lion’s Development, as well as Donations Committee. Jerry serviced many years on the MHSU Board of Directors as well as being the Chairman for 2 years.  Jerry has helped to organize our yearly trips to the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville. Last year he received the Life Membership to that same camp.  Jerry has shown loyalty and consistency to make the BBQ a very profitable concession.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lion Larry Thomas awarded Outstanding Lion!

A well deserved Lion Statue went to the Larry and Carol Thomas home.  Larry has been a Lion since 1997 working at Market Days at various tasks, increasing membership on the Membership committee, and preparing for special event activities.

Larry retired in 1996 from a career in Real Estate Mortgage & Investing where he fulfilled the position of President/CEO of a Division of Henry S. Miller, Equity Management Corp, and Falcon Group.  Larry and his wife of 45 years, Carol, have three grown children all with successful professions.

Larry has had tough time with his health.  A stroke forced him into an early retirement and have plagued him since.  He is recovering nicely from his last stroke and we are all looking forward to his regular attendance at meetings and work at Market Days.