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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Market Day Preparation Saturday clean-up

Some lions work all month either fixing what broke from the last Market Day to adding new features for the next Market Day. But the Saturday before Market Day they have some help from the club members.

A few minutes before 8:00 on each Saturday before Market Day, Wimberley Lions begin to walk into Concession Number One next to the flag poles. They get a friendly greeting from Jack Bourke and the rest of the Lions gathered. Fresh Hot Coffee, canned drinks, and a variety of doughnuts await. Cub Scouts with their parents also mingle around the refreshments awaiting their assignments.

The assignments are typically to pick up trash on Lion Field or one of the parking lots. Others sweep up the accumulated leaves around the pavilion. What I enjoy is talking to a Lion that I have been paired with that I don't know well. We get to know each other as we work.

By 9:00 we have finnished our task and are on our way to what ever activities we have for the day, knowing we have helped get the field ready for market.

So the Saturday before Market Day, come join us for a quick cleanup and have some fun!