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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet the 3rd VP Candidates

There are two candidates for the position of 3rd VP in our Lion election.  Here is a chance to learn more about them.

RJ Pata

RJ Pata joined the Wimberley Lions Club in 2005, sponsored by Carson Carey.  At Market Days, he is the Day Rental Manager.  He has responisibility for the registration of day renters on the Thursday before a market day, the gate attendants, booth inventory, assignment of day rental booths, and the assignment of pro bono booths.  His crew of volunteers often includes his wife, Debby.  RJ worked with the Senior Geography Project from Texas State University.  

RJ has been on the Wimberley Lions Long Range Planning Committee.  He has also provided free surveying services to the Lions Club and Habitat for Humanities.

Linnea Bailey

Linnea Bailey also joined the Wimberley Lions Club in 2005, sponsored by Bill Meek.  At Market Days, she is the Staffing Manager.  As Staffing Manager, she assigns Lions to the field positions they are most needed.  She also coordinates with both individual volunteers and volunteer organizations to complete our staffing needs.

Linnea serves on the Wimberley Lions Donations Committee.  On this committee, she investigates donation requesting organizations to assure the validity of their request.  Her knowledge of the volunteers at market days is uniquely helpful.  Linnea has been a member of the Board of Directors as Member at Large for one year, three years a member of Youth Exchange Committee, on the Program Committee, participated in the Danforth Academic Challenge, and will be joining Bill Meek as an advisor to the Katheryn Ann Porter Leo's Club.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Traveling Lion presented to San Marcos Lions

The Lion Mike Jackson, Lion Boss, from Buda presented Traveling Lion Charles to the Wimberley Club on Tuesday. March 17.  The Wimberley Lion Boss, Frank Williams, quickly formed a committee to transfer this comitment quickly.  

PDG Dave Slider led a committee of Lions Frank Williams, President; Lane Hartsock, President Elect; John Lyon, Sectretary; and Dan Williams to present Traveling Lion Charlie to the San Marcos Lions Club on March 20.  

Lion Mike Rhoades, President of San Marcos accepted Charlie and presented each Wimberley Lion with a San Marcos Club pin.