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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tail Twisting Exceeds Expectations!

The Tail Twister duties are to promote fellowship, fun and laughter, encourage good feelings, life and enthusiasm in the meetings. They shall impose and collect the fines at the meetings.  Much of the success of the meetings will depend upon the Tail Twister’s resourcefulness in , making the members forget, for a time at least, their business and any worries they may have.  The Tail Twister will break down any reserve which might exist, and draw the members together in closer friendship.

Lion Annette Harrington performs all of these duties while bringing new twists to each meeting.  She gets audience participation with skits or contests that are often germane to current holidays.

Here are Lion Russel Cox and Lion John Estepp in a contest with their buzzers to punch when they think they know the answer.  The prizes are authenticated by the famous phrase "As Seen On TV"

Annette and Lion Scott have lived in Wimberley since 1999.   Annette grew up in Baytown and graduated from, what was then, Southwest Texas State, now Texas State.  Her work has been mostly in sales and marketing.  

With the boys out of the nest, Scott and she are owned by two miniature schnauzers, Ruffles and Miss Lucy Brown. Miss Lucy was bought (illegally) at Market Day in November 2008. Annette was sent to deal with a day renter selling puppies and she solved the problem by buying the last one!