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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Braunfels gains Parish Lions

Seba and Norm Parish are moving to New Braunfels as they change to a different lifestyle.

Norm Parish joined the Wimberley Lions seventeen years ago.  He soon became the number one Lion recruiter.  He was chair of the Membership Committee for about five years and helped the recruiting with other Lions.  A number of those seventeen years Norm was in charge of all three parking lots for Market Days.  He made sure he had the parking lot staffed for each market day. This requires about 15 Lions and 6 volunteers with shifts from 6 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.  Besides the staffing, he set policy, assured the comfort of his workers, and collected the money from the lots.  Norm was at the field from 6 in the morning until the end of the market and the money was all counted.  Norm was recognized by the club with awarding a Melvin Jones Fellow.

Seba was a Lion wife and not a member until 2003.  That did not mean she slept in on Market Day.  She worked in Concession #2 making the best hand trimed bar-B-Que Sandwiches every market day.  It is unknown if Seba decided to join or Norm wanted to increase his membership notches.  Seba Joined.

Seba stood beside Norm, not in his shadow.  Seba worked on many committees such as Donations, she worked cleanup sessions Saturdays before Market Days, and she kept the club informed about our sick and wounded.   In addition to Lions, Seba has been a leader in the Civic Club.  She has years of creating the Hobby Lobby catalog and the annual directory.

There are many stories about King Ranch and their worldly travels.

They were very active in their church.  

This club will miss this couple as we commit to frequent visits.

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