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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a Celebration for $3 Million of Donations

On Tuesday night, November 17th, the Wimberley Lions Club held a celebration to honor the club's accomplishment of earning and donating $3 million.  It was quiet a celebration.  Several hundred people were present with many faces that we don't see everyday.  In one corner was a giant multiple flavored sheet cake with a large Lion logo.  It was surrounded by huge delicious cookies.  Lion Meta Crow was wielding a sword like knife dividing the cake into servable sized pieces.  Across the room was Beth Watson insuring a plentiful buffet.  Leos snaked through the crowd with  trays of tasty morsels.

The crowd visited with each other while visiting informational tables staffed by some organizations that both volunteer at Market Days and receive donations from the Lions.  Lion Frances Jones had a display with hundreds of pictures of new lions and those being recognized that she has taken over the years.  Tables were displaying flags and momentous brought back by exchange students.  A table contained proclamations from many dignitaries for the accomplishment of the Wimberley Lions Club.  These declarations were from Vice President Biden, Senator Hutchinson, Senator Cronin, Congressman Doggett, State Representative Rose, County Judge Sumter, and Mayor Haley.

It was good to see past Lions that we had not seen for a while like PDG Bob & Maybell Lorenc.

Our Lion Boss, Lane Hartsock, Called the group to order to start the meeting with an invocation led appropriately by Past District Governor Dave Slider; pledge to the flag by Lion Larry Williams.  Lion Jim McMeans led us in a great Song.

Lion Treasurer Scott Brown reported the historic record results of this market Day.  It was the best ever.  All records were broken.

1st VP Beverly Nesmith passed out donations to some organizations like Habitat for Humanities, WHS Texas Cheer, Community band, ARF, and HOPE.

Lion Boss Introduced Past President Don Campbell as the celebration emcee.
Recognition of VIP guests County Judge Liz Sumter, Sheriff Tommy Ratliff, Wimberley Mayor Tom Haley, and JP Andy Cable.

Presentation of Hays County Judge Sumter presented a Commissioner's court Proclamation of Wimberley Lions Club Day.

Wimberley Mayor Tom Haley read a proclamation by the Wimberley City Council for the Wimberley Lions Club.

First Vice District Governor Mike Smith spoke a few words of congratulations and how the Wimberley Lions Club is respected in the district and Lions International.

Lion Don Campbell acknowledge how Market Days could not be possible without the community volunteers.  He also acknowledge the Leos present that served food for the crowd.  

Past President Lee Gibson held drawing for the door prizes'.
Don Campbell acknowledge current board members and the fine work of the celebration committee Lee Gibson, Scott Brown, Nathan Dean, Frances Jones, Lane Hartsock, Frank Curtis, Meta Wilson, Madonna Kimball, Bill Noles, Linnea Bailey, Beverly Nesmith, Annette Harrington.

Lion Nathan Deans prepared a multi-media history of the Wimberley Lions Club and its intertwined history of Market Days.  The video was presented to a receptive audience,  Special kudos to Nathan.  Lion John Devenport, Charter Member of the club and star of the video was introduced to the audience.

Special pins were designed to commemorate the occasion and were presented to the Lions present based on the years they had been a Lion.

Commemorative ballpoint pens were then pass out to the crowd.

Don announced the next meeting would be the Christmas party on December 15 and adjourned the celebration.

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