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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breifing on Texas Lions Camp

Our old friends PDG Dennis Heitkamp, Ex Wimberleyite PDG Bill Daniels, and District Director Skip Stem visited our club this last Tuesday. Dennis brought us up to date on the history and activities of Texas Lions Camp.

He told about how sixty years ago the camp was created as the polio pandemic was at its peak. How there is no charge for the campers. How it is supported through all of the Texas Lions Clubs, memorials, Century Club Members. The fortune of the crippled children population shrinking has allowed the inclusion of Type I diabetic children as its population expands. He told us of efforts the camp has taken to seek alternative funding to keep the camp viable.

One bit of good news for the Wimberley Lions was that this year the April workday will be the second Saturday meaning we will not have a conflict with Market Day. That is a day of hard work, fun, comradary. I just hope not in a bunk between Lee Coble and Joe Thompson doing their snoring duet again!

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