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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LEOs Learn Lionism at Their State Convention

The Leos Club officers of Wimberley’s  Katherine Ann Porter School attended all three days of theMD2 State Leo Conference.    This was the 3rd annual statewide Leos Conference.  Fifty attended the first, one hundred attended the second and around two hundred attended the November 12-14, 2010 conference in Austin.

The attendees from KAPS Leos were  Chaley Eseness, President; Franklin Demaree, Treasurer; Bonnie Gibson, Secretary, and Nick Richards, alternate Vice President.   Also attending the conference all day Saturday were nine Wimberley High School Leos and their advisor, Lion John Stark.
The Lions club advisors were ‘firmly’ advised by State Leo Chairperson Daisy Taylor to step back and allow the Leo’s Clubs to create their own visions. By the end of the conference, many advisors were awed and amazed by the creativity, energy, and boundless optimism of the Leos Clubs as they embraced their own variety of fellowship in community service.

Lion Daisy reminded Leos and Lions advisors  that fun must be a prime component in a Leos Club.  The opening night activities included pizza and swimming at the Embassy Suites Pool.  The Saturday sessions began with after opening with breakout  50 minute sessions of leadership training, plus charities round table.
Keynote speaker and Texas Leo of the Year, Aaron Beaman, explained how all Leos shared the qualities of Leo of the Year if encouraged to ‘go beyond their limits’.  The rest of the afternoon was a blend of cheerleading by individual Leo’s clubs as they boastfully shared stories about their service projects.  The cheering was interspersed by ticket drawings and tossing of Leos Frisbees and Chocolate Eyeballs.  Saturday evening included dinner at Dave and Busters plus $10 in tickets for the giant video game extravaganza.  The final event of the evening was a black light teen dance at the Embassy Suites ballroom.  All meals and activities were covered in the $50 conference admission fee.

The Sunday morning session, beginning at 9:00, was punctually attended by so many Leos Clubs and advisors that even though additional chairs were brought in, the back and sides of the room were filled with standing room only attendees.  Impromptu changes were required for this last session, but Lion Daisy made sure that the focus of the conference remained on the individual Leos Clubs and that each clubs attendees were called forward for pictures and recognition.
As adults we cannot teach this “fire of giving”, only open the pathway; but once the path is chosen freely it may be there for a lifetime.   Being an advisor at an event such as State Leo Conference is an opportunity to  open those pathways  and be inspired by the fountain of youth embodied in our Leos Club leaders.
Guest Contributor – Wimberley Lion Linnea Bailey 

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Sam Lawrence (grandson of Lion Don Campbell) the keynote speaker for the convention? Just curious why he was not mentioned nor the names of the 9 WHS Leo's that attended.