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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not all donations are reported as donations

The Wimberley Lions Club is proud of its accomplishments in how it has donated so much money in its 40 year history.  But, not all donations are are run through the books as a donation.  When an organization ask for a donation where the Lions Club has no budget, often a vacant booth is offered to the organization so they can earn funds with their own fund raising effort with the booth.  Nearly every Market Day, there is one or two organizations asking for a pro bono location to sell raffle tickets, cookbooks, or tickets.

This last Market Day, an unusual request was received.  Kathleen Buhanan faced with hospital expenses for one of her sons that she was unable to pay ask for a small spot to draw Caricatures.  We had fun posing and helping her get some funds.  Here you see our Lion Boss.

Then there was the famous Past District Governor Dave Slider drumming up business for this talented artist.

And is her drawing of the author, yours truly.

If you are looking for that unique gift for someone you can contact Kathleen at her website

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog - I was happy to see that gal get a space to do her "art". When we were putting the briskets on the cooker Friday evening, she came by and asked me about getting a booth and she didn't know the process at all. I hope she got enough money to help her in her situation with her son. She was hoping to at least help pay for gas to get to and from the hospital - I think in San Antonio.

And by the way, she made all you old farts look better than photographs would have.